Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Episode 16: Lady Gaga and Andy Warhol

After our little break, we're happy to bring you what may be the most epic episode yet! Mary and Marie decided it was high time to combine pop art and pop culture into something fantastic... or at least insane.

Andy Warhol and Lady Gaga... the episode talks about what we found similar in what Andy did and what Lady Gaga is currently doing. There are more similarities than you might think at first.

There is definitely a questioning of what's popular in our culture based on consumerism coming from both. (Can anyone tell why the picture of Lady Gaga above is Mary's favorite fashion statement of hers???)

Both Warhol and Gaga had/have a tendency to question fashion, fame, and what the world does with it, as well.

Andy Warhol seems to "make statements" more often than Lady Gaga does, by way of actually coming out and saying it, but Lady Gaga has definitely had her own causes that she champions and speaks on behalf of.

For more similarities (and a few differences we've found) listen to the episode through UVU's iTunes U page. Just look for the Arts & Facts icon!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Episode 15: Caravaggio

Caravaggio was as fascinating a character as his paintings are masterpieces.
Conversion of Saint Paul

Calling of Saint Matthew

Calling of Saint Matthew is one of the more well-known pieces by Caravaggio. It has all of his typical stylistic qualities: tenebrism and the pulling of the audience into the painting. 

Judith and Holofernes

While most of Caravaggio's work is religious he has the occasional painting of other stories that his contemporaries painted as well.

David and Goliath
Goliath's head in this image is a self-portrait of Caravaggio himself. Many accounts believe that while he had a rather turbulent temper and life, he was apologetic to many that he offended towards the end of his short life.

To hear more stories about Caravaggio and his work, use the player on the right or go download the episode on iTunes U.

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