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Episode 1: Who Owns Art?
Episode 2: The French Salon
Episode 3: Graffiti and Banksy
Episode 4: The Last Supper and Da Vinci
Episode 5: Artemisia Gentilleschi
Episode 6: Top Ten Creepiest Works of Art
Episode 7: The Next Big Thing- Modern Movements in the 20th Century
Episode 8: What You'll Find at the Tate London
Episode 9: Shakespeare & Art
Episode 10: Van Gogh and the Ear Incident
Episode 11: Artists and their Muses
Episode 12: Lost Pieces of Art
Episode 13:  Nativities
Episode 14: German Expressionism
Episode 15: Caravaggio
Episode 16: Lady Gaga and Andy Warhol
Episode 17: War and Peace
Episode 18: Interior Design and the International Style
Episode 19: Whistler vs. Ruskin 
Episode 20: Edgar Degas
Episode 21: Ahkenaton
Episode 22: Cindy Sherman
Episode 23: What You'll See at the Hirshorn
Episode 24: Art Nouveau
Episode 25: The Davids 
Episode 26: Frida Kahlo
Episode 27: Brunilleschi
Episode 28: History of Animation
Episode 29: Zines
Episode 30: War Photography
Episode 31: Jackson Pollock
Episode 32: The Medicis
Episode 33: Art in the Arts (Part I-Film)
Episode 34: Art in the Arts (Part II-Literature)
Episode 35: What Is That?
Episode 36: Poussin
Episode 37: What You'll See at the Woodbury
Episode 38: Sidney Nolan's Ned Kelly Series
Episode 39: The History of Japanese Animation
Episode 40: What You'll See at the Uffizi
Episode 41: Bernini and Borromini- The Rivalry that Built Rome
Episode 42: Photography's Struggle to Become Arti
Episode 43: Art Deco
Episode 44: Gaudi
Episode 45: Angels Among Us
Episode 46: Dada is Da-Dumb
Episode 47: Ancient Egyptian Art
Episode 48: Folk Art
Episode 49: Favorite Photographers
Episode 50: Cereal Box Art
Episode 51: Rococo and the Whimsical
Episode 52: Steampunk
Episode 53: Art Restoration
Episode 54: Romanticism
Episode 55: Vermeer
Episode 56: Romanesque Architecture
Episode 57: Mark Rothko
Episode 58 : John Singer Sargent
Episode 60: Hellenistic Sculpture
Episode 61: Italian Baroque: The Basics
Episode 62: Monet
Bonus Episode: Ancient Pueblo Culture
Episode 63: Zombie Art
Episode 64: Northern Baroque: The Basics
Episode 65: Poster Art :The Belle Epoque
Episode 66: Rembrandt
Episode 67: Susanna and the Elders
Episode 68: Monetary Art
Episode 69: Comic Books and Superheros
Episode 70: Turner
Episode 71: The Male Nude
Episode 72: Impressionism vs. Post-Impressionism
Episode 73: Famous Art Heists
Episode 74: John William Waterhouse
Episode 75: Michelangelo
Episode 76: Photorealism
Episode 77: Salvador Dali
Episode 78: Edward Hopper
Episode 79: Top 10 Apocalypse Art
Episode 80: French Baroque
Episode 81: Milton Glaser
Episode 82: Headstones and Grave Markers
Episode 83: Versailles
Episode 84: 10 Architecturally Beautiful Museums
Episode 85: Spanish Baroque
Episode 86: Thanksgiving Episode: Norman Rockwell
Episode 87: Dale Chihuly
Episode 88: Greek Gods vs. Roman Gods
Episode 89: Holiday Episode: Winter Wonderlands
Episode 90: The Influences of Byzantine Art and Architecture
Episode 91: Great Artist Rivalries
Episode 92: Classical Revivals
Episode 93: Abstract Expressionism
Episode 94: A&F's Top 10 Smooches
Episode 95: Friedensreich Hundertwasser
Episode 96: Exiled Artists
Episode 97: Irish and Celtic Art
Episode 98: A&F Top 10 Churches
Episode 99: UVU's Possible BA in Art History
Episode 100: Our Favorite and Least Favorite Pieces of Art
Episode 101: Jacques-Louis David
Episode 102: Blue
Episode 103: A&F Top 10 Scottish Ruins
Episode 104: Deconstruction Art
Episode 105: Fairy Paintings
Episode 106: Christian Dior
Episode 107: Aesthetics: The Philosophy of Art
Episode 108: Venetian Renaissance vs. Florentine Art

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